Dominik Dorn


Dominik Dorn is a JUG leader, open source addict and software engineer from Austria. He studied Software Engineering at the University of Technology Vienna and worked on various start-up companies and open source projects as well as big players in the Java Enterprise world. Nowadays he specializes on Java/JVM based web application frameworks and gives courses on how to use them to get the most out of them - from a developers, architects as well as from an end user perspective. He sporadically blogs on his website and also tweets now and then.


Enterprise Vaadin 7

Language: EN

In this session we will cover what it takes to make a Vaadin 7 application scale to the enterprise level. We will take a look at how you can structure your application development lifecycle to scale to multiple developer teams, how to best structure your project and code base, best practices in architecture & testing of Vaadin 7 applications as well as how Vaadin 7 can be combined with the various elements of Java EE.

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