Gavin King


Gavin King leads the Ceylon project at Red Hat. Gavin is the creator of Hibernate, a popular object/relational persistence solution for Java, and the Seam Framework, an application framework for enterprise Java. He’s contributed to the Java Community Process as JBoss and then Red Hat representative for the EJB and JPA specifications and as lead of the CDI specification.

Gavin now works full time on Ceylon, polishing the language specification, developing the compiler frontend, and thinking about the SDK and future of the platform. He’s still a fan of Java, and of other languages, especially Smalltalk, Python, and ML.

You can follow him on G+.


Ceylon Introduction!

Language: EN

Get a taste of the Ceylon language and see how Ceylon’s powerful type system and built-in modularity enables sophisticated tooling.

Ceylon is a new programming language designed for writing large programs in teams. The language emphasizes readability, modularity, typesafety, and tooling. Ceylon programs execute on Java and JavaScript virtual machines. In this session, Gavin King will demonstrate some interesting features of Ceylon’s type system by writing code in Ceylon IDE.

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