Ian Kelly


Ian Kelly is a highly experienced, passionate and entertaining speaker with over 10 years’ experience working on a diverse and wide ranging suite of technologies and platforms in the enterprise space. Over the years, Ian has managed and consulted on a number of large scale technology projects in the USA, UK and Ireland working with companies such as SAP, Volvo and Oracle and fully understands the difficulties and pain the enterprise domain brings.

His Interests lie primarily with JVM platform and is forever looking for new technologies that help simplify the complexities and enhance the portfolio offering in the enterprise domain.

Ian is living in Dublin and is the founder of the Dublin Java User group.


Testing++ – Working with Spock & Geb

Language: EN

Spock is the awesome new testing framework that is very quickly becoming the default testing tool for many. In this session, Ian introduces you to Spock and walks you through its expressive groovy based DSL, its Behaviour Driven Design approach and shows how automated testing can actually be fun! In the second part of the tutorial, Ian brings Geb and Spock together and shows that along with embedded containers and Gradle, you can have truly automated unit & acceptance tests.

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