Jakub Kubryński


Jakub is a software developer for whom coding is both work and hobby. Focused on enterprise class systems and strongly interested in new technologies and agile methodologies. Professionally related to PayU where he is responsible for software development. Privately – fan of java.util.concurrent and sun.misc.Unsafe


Effective software delivery

Language: PL

In this presentation we will go through different phases of software delivery, considering optimization opportunities available on each stage. We will learn how to avoid common mistakes when prototyping or how to make use of project specifics and not get carried away with the desire to strike all the problems with the golden hammer. We will discuss myths of slowing down development by writing automatic tests and answer the question of whether DRY rule speaks only about avoiding copy-paste in your application. We will also analyze the broader issue of premature optimization and familiarize with different tools and techniques that allow us to develop software more efficiently. It won’t be the next presentation about “getting things done” – we’ll focus on core technical aspects of the software delivery.

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