Marcin Burliński


In his 13+ yeas of experience he had an opportunity to work for various startups in a good old .com era with crazy names like, as well as somewhat larger companies with brand names like IBM and Tucows/OpenSRS. After spending a considerable amount of time abroad in Canada and US he has recently came back to Poland and is leading the development of SaaS Enterprise Recruiting applications at Oracle.

Presentation 1:

Refactoring Databases

Language: EN

In this talk we will discuss general database refactoring patterns, database multi-tenancy models as well as techniques that are used to apply 100s of changes to 1000′s of live databases with 0 downtime for the application. The session will provide an overview of database refactoring theory, common patterns as well as a short case study of putting all of the concepts together in order to apply 100,000′s of database changes to the production environment reliably.

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