Paweł Badeński

Paweł Badeński


Paweł Badeński is a computer programmer, consultant, ThoughtWorker, and an Impro enthusiast. He currently lives in India and prepares new hired graduate programmers to join ThoughtWorks. Most recently he’s exploring how acting, improvisation and play can be used in teaching and improving software development teams.


Practice Agile through Impro!

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Kent Beck when introducing eXtreme Programming said “Even programmers can be whole people in the real world. XP is an opportunity to test yourself, to be yourself”.

Idea behind Impro (improvisational theatre) constitutes the essence of Agile. It is a great way of overcoming your fear of failure, opening yourself to an attitude of taking risks (“experiments” in XP), improving your social and emotional intelligence. There’s going to be no theory at a workshop. We’re planning to have fun and learn to learn from our mistakes (which we’re going to do plenty), and get ourselves more aligned with XP values and principles. An example of what Impro is

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